our team

Sandy, Owner & Teacher: Original Hot Yoga, Hot Hatha Express, Yin, HIIT, Fire & Water
I learn something new every day and I love watching my students bloom in to who they are meant to be.

Natasha, Original Hot Yoga, HIIT
Bikram Method Yoga – My first love…and after 20yrs, I still love it! It’s simplicity, intensity and therapeutic benefit continue to impress and inspire me.  HIIT– So much fun – Its strength and cardio components make it the perfect compliment to Yoga.

Sophia, Original Hot Yoga, Yin, HIIT, Fire & Water
“I’m exactly where I want to be, doing what I love. An individual’s yoga practice is a personal journey, and I am honoured to be a part of that experience.”

Laura Lu, Buti, Barre, Vinyasa, Kundalini
A true Butisattva! “The music, the rhythm, the energy are enough to set anyone’s soul on fire.”

Brandi, Yin, HIIT
I love the welcoming atmosphere that has been created here. The students, the teachers, all of the staff make this a great place to work and spend my “me” time.

Lauryn, Original Hot Yoga / Express, Vinyasa, Yin, Fire & Water, Yoga Nidra
My yoga guiding style is playful, alignment-based and grounding.

Andrew, Yin, HIIT
Passionate about health and wellness and excited to facilitate his community members as they learn to slow down for Yin Yoga or speed up for HIIT! 

Adrienne, Vinyasa
Adrienne enjoys working with people to be present and to feel their best. Minds and bodies are incredible and capable of so much; especially when we take time to connect and listen to them. 

Julie, Original Hot Yoga / Express, Yin
We don’t come to yoga. Yoga comes to us. It is a calling card. Trust it. Honor it. Enjoy the ride!

Kerstin, Barre
Kerstin is Booty Barre trained and can’t wait to share some spicy booty burns with you!

Lindsay, Barre
A good class allows for laughter, learning and a great burn!

Joyce Dawn, Vinyasa
We are the alchemists of our own experience.

Marna, Vinyasa, Yin
Practice features an intuitive flow to allow students to explore and feel every sensation and tune into the present so they can leave feeling light and recharged.


Laura Mann, Vinyasa
Atha yoganusasanam – Yoga is now ~ Patanjali

Jody, Vinyasa
May the qualities that we strive for on the mat, things like honesty, integrity, authenticity and compassion follow us off the mat and weave themselves into the very fabric of our own lives each and every day.

Laura Mann, Vinyasa
My classes are rooted in traditional vinyasa practice where movement/flow connects to breath.

Rohith, Iyengar
I continue to deepen my knowledge and understanding of spirituality through yoga and mindful exploration.

Johanna, Original Hot Yoga / Express
Coming from a dance and martial arts background, Bikram filled my desire for a physically demanding and disciplined practice

David Milanovich, Original Hot Yoga / Express
My job is simple, give people the chance to draw out and recognize the very best parts of themselves. Yoga is an amazing conduit for this process.

Glen, Original Hot Yoga / Express
Inspiration comes from within, dig deep!!

Joelle Sherman, Original Hot Yoga / Express, Yin, Vinyasa, Fire & Water
Any body can practice. Step through the door and start where you are. The benefits and infinite possibilities await.

Dianne, Original Hot Yoga / Express
I look forward to seeing your happy smiling face on the mat soon.