In 2001 after meeting her husband-to-be David Milanovich, Natasha moved to Canada and through a friend was introduced to Bikram Yoga. After studying yoga for just a year and a half, Natasha was so inspired by the benefits of the practice, she decided to become an instructor.

After completing her teacher training in 2004, Natasha went on to teach and practice at several Bikram Yoga Studios in Vancouver. After gaining the required amount of hours and experience she applied to open her own studio. She was officially approved by Bikram in 2005 and in 2006 the Comox Valley studio was opened.

After almost a decade owning and operating the studio, in 2015 Natasha chose to dedicate more of her time to her growing family, and passed the torch on to Sandy Overman and Iain Sharp, entrusting them to care for the studio community.