The studio was born in 2006 with a vision that started with Natasha Milanovich. It has become an ever changing, growing, vibrant and magical place that encourages endless possibilities, fresh starts, & new beginnings. The studio is a safe, relaxing, clean space where friendships begin and lasting connections are made.

It houses a dream community of dedicated practitioners and beginners alike.

Here you will find a gifted, skilled staff of over 25 who will encourage, guide, motivate, support your values, goals and wellness journey in a safe manner often with a dash of humour and fun.

The studio has a packed schedule of workshops, yoga, and high intensity workouts for beginers to advanced and classes are for everyone.

As owner of the studio since 2015, I bow in gratitude at the opportunity to be a part of something so beautiful. It is a pleasure and an honour to teach and I feel blessed to have the supportive staff and community who make the studio the wonderful sanctuary that it remains today.

Sincerely Sandy.