Julie Bishop

Teacher: Bikram, Yin, Hatha

Julie has been practising yoga for almost three decades. It wasn’t until 2005, after being introduced to Bikram Yoga, that yoga became a constant. In 2007, she did the Bikram Teacher Training (500 hrs). A self professed yoga ‘geek’ and seeker, she continued studying and exploring yoga through various teachers and methods: Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark and Mark Laham (70 hrs); Master Core Training with Tony Sanchez (200 hrs); Meditation Teacher Training at Expanding Light ashram (100 hrs); Yoga Therapy (600 hrs) which included training in Yoga Nidra and Ayurveda basics; Evolation Yoga Teacher Trainer Training (500 hrs); and most recently, Classical Hatha Yoga (200hrs) in Rishikesh India.  Julie has been following the pointing’s of non-duality since 2015 and could sit for hours (and has) listening to the Masters share their wisdom on the nature of beingness and the pathless path.

She is a retired nurse. Reiki Master, novice organic gardener and is currently studying to be a herbalist. 

“We don’t come to yoga. Yoga comes to us. It is a calling cared. Trust it. Honor it. Enjoy the ride!”