Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. Awareness of what? The self. That you that hides beneath all the layers of stories that often were put upon you by those that didn’t know better, or didn’t even realize the impact that might have on the being that is/was you. We are a culmination of all of the things that have happened to us up until this very moment. So the awareness that we foster in Kundalini can reveal to us the places we are stuck. The places that our stories hold us back. Think of your self like the light in a lighthouse. Think of the sum of your less than favourable conditioning as having darkened that light with soot.

In Kundalini we are using the ancient technology of kriya yoga and we are polishing. Polishing, so that your inner light might shine it’s brightest. Kriya is a specific action for a specific purpose. These kriya sets are prescriptions created sometimes thousands of years ago. There are countless kriyas. There is so much to say about the Kundalini experience. Yet it can be so different for each individual. Join us on the mat and see what it can mean for you.

Each class is 75 minutes long.