Marna Rogoschewsky

Teacher: Vinyasa, Yin

Marna began her practice at the age of 17, because she was looking for depth and understanding of breath to utilize in a singing practice. Movement and music have always been sacred to her. There is a strong correlation between the dance of yoga and the expression of song. There is rhythm, authenticity and expression and forever a lesson to be learnt within both. Since then, she has completed 500 hours of teacher training at Semperviva Yoga College of Vancouver, BC. Being certified in Yin, Hatha Kundalini, Vinyasa, Prenatal, and Pain Care. She uses this space to have fun, slow down, and step away from the many stimulations life brings and connect to breath, and expression. Practice features an intuitive flow to allow students to explore and feel every sensation and tune into the present so they can leave feeling light and recharged.