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Come join us in our bright, spacious, clean studio space! We have an amazing, supportive community of practitioners. Add to this an enthusiastic, dedicated team of teachers and studio staff, and you have all that you need to be set up for success!

thestudio is locally owned and operated.

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Schedule Overview, December

Removed Yin from 7 am Monday morning
Removed Barre from 7 pm Wednesday Evening and replaced with Vinyasa
Added Barre at 3 pm on Thursdays

All classes will be cancelled on December 25th with the exception of the 9:30 Original Hot Yoga Class
There will be a Silent Original Hot Yoga class at 5:00 pm Dec 29th
 There will be a 10:30pm – 12:00am Original Hot Yoga Bring in the New Year Class on December 31st


First Time Visiting?

If you’re feeling nervous, scared or even a little intimidated, you’re in good company. Most people feel that way initially. Just remember all of our classes are designed for beginners With a little practice and persistence, you’ll soon feel right at home. You don’t have to get in shape before coming to your first class.

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We look forward to seeing you at thestudio!