Instructor for Barre

Right from the start, dance has been my life. Growing up in Saskatchewan I found my love for art and physical movement at my childhood dance studio. There was nothing I loved more than putting on a sparkly costume and shining in the spotlight!

My next step after high school led me to Victoria, BC where I attended the Canadian College of Performing Arts. During this year of intense studying I sustained a minor injury in dance class that caused me to have to sit out for a few weeks. My ballet teacher recommended I try some Bikram classes to help my body heal and it only took a week for me to notice the effects it had on my health. I couldn’t believe it! At that moment, Bikram yoga changed my life forever, opening my mind and heart to more possibilities of physical expression and grounding.

From moving to British Columbia, Saskatchewan, living abroad in Germany for a year and finally landing back on the island, I made finding a yoga studio a priority. When I decided to make a home for myself here I was so thankful to become a part of the Studio community. Since living in the valley I’ve also performed, taught dance classes and choreographed a few musicals so dance is still in my bones. Due to my dance training I love classes that are taught with music, so naturally, I found the HIIT and Barre additions to the Studio were an exciting balance to the yoga.

I have truly enjoyed my time as a student and front “deskie”, getting to know the many faces that come through the front doors and I’m even more excited to join the team as a Barre teacher. I look forward to bringing my experience as a dancer to each class, helping you to achieve the goals you set out for at the barre!

Ashley completed her Barre teacher training in fall 2020.