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  • Please note that the above schedule indicates which classes maybe live streamed each week. In order to see which classes will be live streamed, please check the Current Schedule below, which is updated in real-time. Our apologies in advance if the live stream class you are wanting to take is not available on any given day
  • You need a valid In-Studio or Live Stream/VOD membership or class pass in order to take advantage of our live stream classes
  • All live streaming class times below, are in Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7). If you are streaming from elsewhere in the country, continent or the world, please make sure to calculate the correct time for you
  • We use Zoom to live stream our classes. Please download the approriate Zoom app for your operating system and streaming device.
  • When it comes to your live stream settings, you have the option to enable both your device’s mic and camera (video). Doing so will help to enhance you live stream class experience and allow real time interaction with the teacher. However once class starts, the teacher has a “mute all” function that they will utilize to mute everyone’s mics. This prevents class stream interruptions and enhances the live stream experience for everyone
  • The quality of your live streaming experience will be dependent on the strength of the studio internet connection, the strength of your internet connection and the number of students “attending” class. These can fluctuate at any given time on any given day and so, we kindly ask for your patience and understanding, if your live stream is less than perfect.
  • In order to “attend” our live stream classes, please click the BOOK or Sign Up Now button next to the class of your choice. If it’s your first time, you will need to create an account profile
  • Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned veteran, your account profile must have a valid email address and your Subscriptions/Communication Preferences must be set to allow receipt of “Reminders and schedule changes” by Email or Email and text. This is how you will receive the class reservation confirmation email and Zoom live stream class link, which enables you to attend class
  • The Zoom live stream class link is contained within the class reservation confirmation email
  • Sign into your Zoom account first, before clicking on the Zoom live stream class link
  • The booking window for live stream classes will close 30 minutes prior to a live stream class starting to allow the teacher time to setup both in-studio and live stream classes
  • We understand that life happens and this, along with technical challenges can sometimes prevent you from doing class despite your best intentions. So, in consideration of the teacher and your fellow students, if you can’t make it to class please be sure to cancel your booking before class starts
  • If you haven’t received your class reservation confirmation email and Zoom live stream class link in a timely manner, please be sure check your junk/spam folder
  • Please note that for best results, it is recommended that you have taken at least 3 in-studio classes before doing a live stream class
  • Check the Current Schedule below for up-to-date class types, times and teacher information

  • Current Schedule

    *reflects up to the minute class status