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In-Studio Class Information
  • Due to social distancing restrictions, there are only 12 spots in the practice room per class. To ensure your place in class, please book online. Booking online is not compulsory, but helps to guarantee you a spot.
  • If you are an existing student with a current membership or class pass and you will be booking online for the first time, please create a new account. Doing so will not only enable you to create an account login, but it will also give you an opportunity to enter your current information if anything has changed. Once you’ve done this, please give us up to 24 hours to merge your new account with your old, so that you can utilize your existing membership/pass for booking a class. If you’re running into issues with this process and require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us
  • If you book online and can no longer make it to class, please be sure to cancel your booking at least **60 minutes** before class starts. If you don’t, you are potentially preventing other students from being able to book a spot in class. In this situation, your account maybe charged or a class deducted from your pass as if you had attended class.
  • The studio opens 30 minutes prior to class, is closed (and locked) during class and will reopen once class ends
  • First in, last out/Last in, first out. When you enter the practice room, please proceed to the furtherest available spot in the room. If you need to leave as soon as class is done, please enter the practice room last.
  • The center of your spot in the practice room is clearly marked with a social distancing floor decal. Please be sure to place the center of your mat over this decal and align your mat front to back. This will insure that you are adequately spaced from other practitioners
  • Bikram Yoga classes are 90 minutes
  • Barre, BYX, HIIT and Yin Yoga classes are 60 minutes
  • Barre Burn classes are 45 minutes
  • Check the Current Schedule below for up-to-date class types, times, teacher information and space availability

  • Current Schedule

    *reflects up to the minute class status