waitlist explained

With fall very much upon us, our classes are filling up. When a class has reached capacity (currently 12 students), students are offered the option to waitlist for that class. You may have thought that the waitlist was pretty simple and straight forward. We wish!!

What this all about then?

Quite simply, this means that if there are students on the waitlist for a class and another student who already has a confirmed spot in the class decides to cancel their reservation, the person at the top of the waitlist maybe moved into the spot that opened up as a result of that cancellation.

Now we say maybe, because it depends upon when a spot opens up (as the result of another student cancelling their confirmed spot/reservation.)

Currently, if a spot opens up more than 30 minutes before class starts, the person at the top of the waitlist will automatically be moved into the class and an email is sent to them letting them know. The logic being that they have sufficient time to get to the studio for class.

Easy right?? Read on……

If a spot opens up 30 minutes or less before class starts, students on the waitlist are not automatically added to the class. The logic here, is they may not have enough time to get to the studio and in this instance, we will contact those on the waitlist (in order), to let them know there is a spot available for them and confirm if they want and are able to come to class.

If you waitlist for a class and you haven’t received an email confirming that you’ve been moved from the waitlist into the class, then you should come to the studio and be ready to take class, just in case a spot opens up at the last minute

When a student on the waitlist is contacted and they say “Yes, I’m coming to class”, then they are manually moved from the waitlist into class.

If they say “No thanks”, they are removed from the waitlist and we then move on to the next student on the waitlist if applicable.

If you are waitlisted for class and we are unable to contact you, and you’re not already at the studio 15 minutes before class starts to take that class, then there is no longer an expectation that you will make it for class and any open spot/s will be made available to other students

Please know, that we will continue to monitor our waitlist system and make changes and improvements to insure a positive experience for everyone in the studio community.