Sandy Overman, Owner

After a twenty year career working in the forestry industry and raising my family, I decided to take my life in a completely new direction. I wanted an environment where I could feel passionate and excited about what I was doing. One that would help me fulfill a more compassionate life. Bikram Yoga with it’s mind, body and spiritual connection was the obvious choice.

Being a teacher and now owner of The Studio Comox Valley (formerly known as Bikram Yoga Comox Valley,) has exceeded my expectations. I am surrounded by amazing teachers and students, and a fun, loving, kind and positive yoga community. I learn something new every day and I love watching my students bloom in to who they are meant to be.

– Namaste.

Sandy completed her Bikram Yoga teacher training in fall 2009, HIIT teacher training in spring 2017 and Yin Yoga Training in winter 2019.

Natasha Milanovich

Instructor for Bikram Yoga, HIIT

Natasha graduated Laine Theatre Arts, one of the top performing arts colleges in England, in 1995 with a diploma in Theatre Arts. She then went on to work in theatre, film, and television as a professional Dancer/Model, for close to a decade her credits include the world famous “Lido de Paris”, Paris, France.

In 2001 after meeting her now husband David, she moved to Canada and through a friend was introduced to Bikram Yoga. After studying yoga for just a year and a half she was so inspired by the physical and mental benefits of the practice, she decided to become an instructor.

After successfully completing her teacher training in 2004 she went on to teach and practice at several Bikram Yoga Studios in Vancouver. After gaining the required amount of hours and experience she applied to open her own studio. She was officially approved by Bikram in 2005. Natasha also placed 2nd in the Western Canada Yoga Asana championships in 2005, and went on to represent Canada in the World Yoga Championships in Los Angeles, CA. After much hard work, and with the help of her husband Dr David Milanovich, family, and friends in 2006 the Bikram Yoga Comox Valley studio was born.

After almost a decade owning and operating the studio, in 2015 choosing to dedicate more of her time to her growing family, she passed the torch onto Iain and Sandy, entrusting them to care for the studio and the Bikram Yoga Comox Valley (now known as The Studio Comox Valley) community.

” As the busy mum of two little boys my perspective on Bikram Yoga has evolved. Initially I found it to be a great way to keep fit, detox, etc…now it has become so much more! The demands of being a mum can be so overwhelming that we often fail to take care of our own needs. Spending 90 minutes in the hot room just me and my mat is such a welcome treat. Not only does it still keep me physically fit and healthy but it allows me a mental break from my some what chaotic life. When we take care of our own needs we are better able to take care of our families…what a gift!!! “

One word to describe my yoga practice: Focused

One word to describe teaching Bikram Yoga: Eye opening

If you were a cartoon character, which would you be?: Bambi

Having completed her HIIT teacher training in June 2017, Natasha is also one of our resident HIIT teachers.

Andrew Matthews


Andrew hails from the great white north of Yellowknife, NWT. He spent a decade pursuing his passion of high performance freestyle snowboarding during which he competed internationally in Slopestyle and Big Air. It was….epic! And it was….hard on the body! To help him recover from injury and keep his body mobile, Andrew took to yoga early on in his career.

Over the years he enjoyed the practice of yoga more and more – so much so that after retiring from competing in 2015, he decided to travel to Mexico to take a 200 hour immersive yoga teacher training at Yandara Yoga Institute. Since then, he has studied Yin Yoga under Carly Forest and Melissa Christensen. With influences of the physical aspects of the practice from Bernie Clark as well as the energetic and mindfulness aspects from Sarah Powers, Andrew weaves together a unique holistic blend in his Yin classes.

He is passionate about health and wellness and is excited to facilitate his community members as they learn to slow down for Yin Yoga or speed up for HIIT! He brings years of experience in dry-land training (as they call it in the snowboard world) to create fun and inspiring HIIT classes.

As a relatively new transplant to the Island, Andrew is continuously amazed at the amount of adventures, beautiful nature and the vibrant community of the Comox Valley.

Brandi Lucas

When I first came to the studio (back then it was Bikram Yoga Comox Valley) in 2010, I had only ever taken a couple hatha yoga classes at the rec centre. After my first class, besides being completely exhausted and sweaty, I was hooked– I bought a one year membership the very next day. 

As a mom of two, I was at a point in my life where I needed some time for me. I’ve also struggled with lower back issues for many years and I decided that yoga might help in my healing– and it certainly has!

Back then, I never would have guessed just how big a part of my life this studio would become. My girls have joined me in taking many classes and my youngest daughter, Avery, has grown up here. She started taking Bikram Yoga classes with me when she was 7 and is now a regular at Barre and HIIT classes. I’ve now been working at The Studio for more than 10 years!.

When Yin yoga classes started being offered here, I fell in love right away. What a great way to get deeper into my body, healing from the inside out. I love the slower pace and mindfulness of the practice. With a busy work and personal life, this practice is exactly what I needed to help me slow down. In the summer of 2019 I received my Yin teaching certification and as I get closer to being an empty nester, my future goal is to add more yoga training to my life!

I love the welcoming atmosphere that has been created here. The students, the teachers, all of the staff make this a great place to work and spend my “me” time.