Bikram, Barre, Yin, HIIT, Fire & Water

Sophia McCarty Has been part of the tightly knit community of the Comox Valley for over ten years, who, along with her husband, is currently raising her two children.

“I got into yoga when I realized I was going through life holding my breath.”

She first tried Bikram Yoga in 2006 but had trouble committing with two small children. Then in 2008 she returned to take up the 30 day challenge, which turned into 36 days! She quickly realized she wanted to become an instructor and soon after attended the teacher training in the fall of 2008. She has been teaching and practicing at The Studio Comox Valley (formerly known as Bikram Yoga Comox Valley) ever since.

“I’m exactly where I want to be, doing what I love. An individual’s yoga practice is a personal journey, and I am honoured to be a part of that experience.”

Sophia completed her Bikram Yoga teacher training in fall 2008, HIIT teacher training in spring 2017 and Barre teacher training in fall December 2020.