Instructor for Barre, Vinyasa

Paula is born and raised on Vancouver island. She took her first Bikram Yoga class at The Studio in the winter of 2009. Instantly, she fell in love with the practice and found it complimented her highly active lifestyle of skiing, rugby and really, anything active and outside. Not until her father became ill  in 2012, did she find a consistent practice. 

After many years of having a yearly membership, she joined The Studio team as a cleaner. Around the same time, Barre was introduced at The Studio. She started regularly attending Barre classes and developed a strong practice. These classes added another element to her fitness. A year and half later, the opportunity to become a Barre instructor was offered to her, and Paula said, “yes!” to a new opportunity.

In August 2019, Paula completed her Barre training under the lovely CJ and started teaching classes. Having students come to class and seeing them improve and grow stronger along side her, brings joy and purpose to teaching classes. The community at The Studio is so friendly and welcoming.

When Paula is not at The Studio taking or teaching classes, she is outside having fun or at home spending time with her husband and dogs. She also loves using her hands to create new things either by knitting, crochet or metal smithing.

* Paula completed her Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in September 2021.