social distancing guidelines

May 24th, 2020

Please check back again shortly, for more information on how we at thestudio are implementing, adopting and adapting guidelines for social distancing, sanitizing and covid-19 mitigation, that will allow us to safely reopen.

  • Maximum number of students per class: 10
  • Maximum number of students in the ladies change room at any one time: 3
  • Maximum number of students in the men’s change room at any one time: 2
  • A combination of these numbers and class attendance, may result in additional classes being added to the schedule.
  • Only bring the absolute minimum necessary for your class…clothing and equipment
  • Only use the change rooms if absolutely necessary. A “Dry Locker Room” with lockable lockers, will be provided in the studio foyer to leave any belongings that you wish to store/keep secure during class. This is provided free of charge as an alternative to using the change rooms
  • Only shower if you need too
  • If you need to shower, please book in advance. Details of this process coming soon
  • If showering, please limit your time in the shower to 3 minutes for the benefit of your fellow practitioners
  • Please limit your time in the change room to that necessary to shower and change
  • Please listen closely to the directions of the front desk. They will be insuring that both students and staff adhere to social distancing guidelines in the hallway and going to and from change rooms and the practice room
  • In the front foyer and practice room, please use floor and barre markings to insure adequate social distancing from your fellow practitioners