social distancing guidelines

Here’s how we at thestudio are implementing, adopting and adapting to guidelines for social distancing and covid-19 mitigation. This page is updated regularly to reflect any changes and to add relevant content.

Updated August 24th, 2021

  • Mask To Mat: Until you get to your mat, masks are required to be worn in-studio at all times. Masks are not required to be worn during class. Exemptions exist for those unable to wear a mask. Please contact us for more information
  • There are only 20 spots in the practice room per class to encourage and enable social distancing. To ensure your place in class, please book online. Booking online is recommended
  • Plexiglass shields are in place at the front desk. Mandated by WorkSafeBC, the shields are in place around the front desk for the protection of both staff and students
  • A minimum of 1 hour between classes to allow students to leave the studio and for the studio to be cleaned, before the next class’s students begin to arrive
  • A “Dry Locker Room” with lockable lockers, is provided in the studio foyer to leave any belongings that you wish to store/keep secure during class. This is provided free of charge as an alternative to using the change rooms
  • We will continue to offer Live Stream class options to students who cannot or choose not to attend in-studio classes. These classes will be a streamed from the studio during regular in-studio classes. if you are attending a class in-studio, please let the teacher know if you have any concerns regarding this prior to class, so that the camera can be orientated accordingly