sanitizing at the studio

Here’s how we at thestudio are implementing, adopting and adapting to guidelines for sanitizing and covid-19 mitigation. This page is updated regularly to reflect any changes and to add relevant content.

Updated July 15th, 2021

  • We do not accept cash for in-studio purchases. In-studio, we accept Debit and Credit cards as well as Interac E-transfers. If neither of these options work for you, please contact us and we’d be more than happy to make alternative arrangements
  • We no longer have a lost and found for clothing, mats or water bottles. Please be sure to take all of your belongings with you, otherwise they will be disposed of
  • We have reduced the number of “touch points” in the studio. For those locations where there are touch points, you will find a hand sanitizing station nearby
  • A minimum of one hour between classes to allow the practice room and the rest of the studio to be cleaned before the next classes students begin to arrive
  • You can now open the studio front door from the outside and the practice room door from the inside, hands free using our new KICKPULL
  • Hand sanitizer stations are provided throughout the studio
  • Liquid soap for washing hands is provided in all washrooms
  • Liquid body wash is provided in all showers
  • Spray bottles containing a chlorine disinfectant solution are provided in each shower stall. Please use this to sanitize your shower stall AND shower mat after you have showered. The shower mat can stick to the sides of the shower stall for ease of cleaning
  • An equipment sanitizing station is provided in the practice room and is to be used for cleaning mats, weights, balls and blocks after use. The sanitizing station utilizes a paper towel dispenser and spray bottles containing a chlorine disinfectant solution
  • When cleaning rental mats, utilize the cleaning station in the practice room to spray and wipe down both sides of your mat with the chlorine disinfectant solution and paper towels provided. Please roll them up and then bring them back to the front desk once this is done. Thank you!
  • The practice room floor is cleaned between classes with a chlorine disinfectant solution
  • Barres are cleaned before and after Barre class with a chlorine disinfectant solution