safety procedures

Here’s how we at thestudio are implementing, adopting and adapting to guidelines for covid-19 safety and mitigation, that have allowed us to safely reopen and stay open. This page is updated regularly to reflect any changes and to add relevant content.

**Updated November 21st**

Updated Province of BC Restrictions & Guidelines

  • Touchless temperature checks will be conducted on all staff and class participants upon entry into thestudio
  • A temperature reading close too or exceeding 38°C, is indicative of a fever and as such, you will not be permitted to enter the studio and take class. In this instance, it is recommended that you seek medical attention to determine the reason for your elevated temperature
  • Further to the above, you will require a doctor’s letter stating that the reason for the elevated temperature reading was either unrelated to covid-19 and/or that you have tested negative for covid-19, before you will be permitted to take class at thestudio again
  • Fans will only be used between classes to ventilate the practice room if and when necessary