Telling people’s business is what Mary loves to do. That, and push-ups!

Mary is a Public Relations practitioner and has been consulting in communications planning, brand management and media relations for more than 10 years, seven here in the Comox Valley. Recently, she began a full-time communications role for the Comox Valley School District. Her next biggest passion is athleticism, fitness and well-being. Mary discovered hot yoga soon after returning to the Valley in 2011 and never looked back. In summer 2017, she jumped at the chance to become a qualified HIIT instructor offered by The Studio.

Mary is also a qualified Level II instructor in Fencing and once trained under Mia Jerritt to become a professional fitness trainer. She taught Tae Bo in the 90s when it was popular and helped coach with the Comox Valley Road Runners in the Learn to Run series, when running was popular…to her.

Retired from military for eleven years now, Mary still loves a hardcore workout that challenges both the mind and the body. Hence, she will never give up on her standing head to knee.

Asked what her favourite posture is, Mary will tell you it’s savasana. “It’s the only time I get to balance my budget and review my to do list in the quietness of my brain.” Indeed, she falls out of this posture all the time!

For any fellow early-bird workout enthusiasts wanting to see the return of morning Hiit classes, let your intentions be known and Mary will be there pumping off push-up right with you.