As an opera and concert singer working across Europe, London, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago, I found myself in urgent need of a way to deal with the pressures, both physical and mental, of rehearsal, air travel and performance. More and more, I found my body lagging behind at some airport or dressing room, while my mind was already racing ahead to some new concert or performance. Yoga became my lifeline to draw the two together into the present.

While at home in the Comox Valley, I discovered yoga and soon my Bikram Yoga mentor and friend, Natasha Milanovich gave me the nudge to take Bikram’s 2007 teacher training in Hawaii.

I now reside in New York City with my husband and in addition to our work in the theatre, I am a teacher at Bodē NYC (formerly Bikram Yoga NYC). In addition to Bikram 90, 75 and 60, I teach Chillax and HIIT classes.  I am a senior member of OHYA and also teach Yoga for Singers internationally at Young Artist Programs, Conservatories and Universities.

It’s a joy and a privilege to witness people discover the healing benefits of yoga, find their life-long practice, and lifeline!

When I find life is going a little too fast, I slow down and do yoga, my daily practice.  I hope to see you at thestudio!