I am so excited to share my training and knowledge of Barre with The (amazing) Studio Comox Valley community!

When I moved to the Valley, I was very happy to discover there was a studio that offered Bikram Yoga classes. I remember my first Bikram Yoga class very well, 20 years ago! Since then I have practiced regularly and hope too for many more years to come. A few of my Bikram Yoga teachers in Vancouver recommended that I try a Barre class. They had started taking class and had nothing but great things to say. So, my journey to becoming a certified Barre instructor began with Bikram Yoga. I knew that if my fellow yogis loved Barre, that there was a very good chance I would feel the same and sure enough after practicing Barre for a year, I auditioned to become a teacher.

I worked a corporate job at the time and had done for many years. I completed the 6 months of teacher training and then started to work for a Barre company on a part-time basis. I lost my mom to cancer during this time of transition and as fate would have it, I was offered a General Manager role in Vancouver with Barre and decided to leave my corporate work life. I was a dancer for over 20 years and have a competitive sports background so it was a dream to work in the health and fitness industry full-time.

My husband and I moved to the Island from the Sea to Sky corridor and the Northshore last June to be closer to family. In the Summer of 2016, we started a professional mountain bike coaching company in the Comox Valley called Gravity MTB. The change of lifestyle on the island has allowed me to focus on what I love – Bikes, Bikram Yoga and Barre!

Bikram Yoga is scientifically proven to heal our spine and if you practice you’ve heard the expression ‘a healthy spine is a happy life’. I can go on and on about the benefits I’ve received from the hot room. Barre like Bikram Yoga is also a low impact workout. It helps heal injuries, strengthens joints and elongates muscles. Your core is engaged the entire class. Posture, endurance and range of motion improve. Combining Bikram Yoga and Barre enhances the quality of everything you do both in and out of class.

CJ is our principle Barre teacher, responsible not only for leading our Barre teaching team but also for co-ordinating our in-house Barre teacher training program.