New to the Comox Valley, I feel absolutely blessed with all it’s wonders; the forests, the mountains, the ocean, the fresh air and it’s people with so many talents.

Like the beauty in nature, comes the people of the valley and their openness to welcome you into the community. Here at The Studio, I am grateful to teach and learn, all while surrounded by like minded people.

Before my Yoga journey began, I was and still am a Certified Dental Hygienist. I am thankful for having this career because it lead me to discovering that I needed balance. The busy daily schedules, high stress and repetitive positioning, did not serve me well. My candle was burning at both ends and that’s when I knew I needed a change.

I found a retreat that was calling me thru The School of Scared Arts. I took a month off and headed to Bali!!!!

In 2015, I graduated from a 200 hour Vinyasa/Yin training in Ubud, Bali with Simone McKay and her many gifted and talented yogis from around the globe. It opened my heart and guided me to want to help others live a more balanced/healthy lifestyle. It has completely changed my life for the better!

In 2017, I took Post-Natal Yoga training with Kavita in Nanaimo after having my own baby. I host classes in Cumberland out of my home. My goal is to gather woman in a safe, positive space, while learning the new challenges of motherhood.

My many favourite activities outside the studio and yoga, are exploring trails with my dog, hiking mountain tops with my husband, snowboarding and being a mom to our beautiful little girl.

As my lovely journey continues, I know that no matter what, I always have my mat, my practice and my breath to help get me through the challenges that life may bring and I will continue guiding friends and fellow yogis in our community to achieve balance.