There is a wonderful expression the French use –Bien dans sa peau. It means in essence, to be well with ones self or well in one’s own skin. I have seen this transformation countless times in students who are brave enough to get out of their own way and embark on a journey to personal healing and health. It is worth every effort to feel truly at ease and at home in your body.

I teach and practice yoga because quite simply, it works. Yoga works because at it’s best, it shines a light on where we need to apply more compassion, but it also has a nifty way of shining a spotlight when we are not holding ourselves accountable. My best teachers along the way have held a space for me to see my own bullsh*t while simultaneously offering a soft place for my heartaches to land. I teach from an array of yoga styles and methods that I have honed over the years. My training in the original 26+2 hot hatha yoga created an incredibly solid foundation for my vinyasa trainings. Ana Forrest and Shiva Rea have been not only my vinyasa teachers, but strong mentors to me as fierce, wise and compassionate women.

I have spent much of my life travelling the world, often by bicycle. It has created a vast catalogue of memories and experience I am forever grateful for. These days, I like to be in the kitchen or out somewhere in nature, preferably at my cabin.