my studio policies

Waiver of liability

Before attending classes at The Studio Comox Valley, we require that all students 18 years of age or older, sign a liability waiver either online (when creating an account and/or purchasing a class) or in-studio, releasing The Studio Comox Valley of ALL liability while on the premises or partaking in one of our virtual live stream classes online. Students younger then 18 years of age, must have a legal guardian or parent sign the liability waiver on their behalf. If you choose to participate in one of our virtual live stream classes in the background/as a guest of a student who is attending one of these classes, you do so at your own risk and the studio will not be held liable for any injuries, damages or losses as a result.

Virtual Live Stream/VOD Classes

In order for us to teach our classes properly and most importantly, safely, we need to see and be seen by our students. As such, we recommend and encourage students to select their video “on” so that the teacher can properly and fully see students during all phases of the class, to insure that postures and/or exercises are being performed correctly and safely. Under these conditions, we consider the class to be instructional.

We fully understand and appreciate that not all students are comfortable having their video selected “on”, due to privacy and/or security concerns. In addition, device location, orientation and practice space layout, may prevent the teacher from being able to properly and fully see students during all phases of the class. These same issues are also present when a student chooses to utilize our Video On Demand (VOD) service. As we want everyone to benefit from our classes and to take everyone’s preferences and circumstances into account, under these conditions, we consider this to be a shared practice and non-instructional.

We will continue to offer Live Stream class options to students who cannot or choose not to attend in-studio classes. These classes will be a streamed from the studio during regular in-studio classes. if you are attending a class in-studio, please let the teacher know if you have any concerns regarding this prior to class, so that the camera can be orientated accordingly

Please be sure to fully familiarize yourself with the Waiver Of Liability Policy above, before you or others you know, choose to participate in these classes.

Memberships and Discounts

We offer discounts and memberships at discounted rates, to allow our community to pick the pass or membership that best suits their needs and situation. These are a privilege and not a right. If a student abuses this privilege or takes advantage of our good will, their membership maybe cancelled and they maybe prevented from taking advantage of these privileges in future. It’s simple… be nice, be grateful and be honest.


In accordance with B.C. Sales regulations you may receive a full refund on products or services within 10 days of purchase, provided you have a valid receipt and the item or service is unused.


If you are ill, injured, or posted out of town with the military or your job, we do offer complimentary extensions to allow you to fully utilize your pass. Extensions are granted on a case by case basis. Please contact us, and we will review your request.There are no extensions for Summer 20 Class Pass Specials.

Lost and Found

We cannot be held responsible for items left or lost at the studio. Please remove all of your belongings before you leave thestudio. If you do happen to forget something please contact us immediately with your name and a detailed description of the item so that we can put it aside for you if found. For the safety of both staff and students, all unclaimed items will be deposed of.

Green and Clean

Plastic, paper and water bottles are re-cycled. Please place your used bottles in the re-cycling bin provided.

Rules of the Room
  • Once in the room please maintain silence unless you’re doing Barre or HIIT
  • Please be respectful of the teacher and your fellow students
  • No devices in the practice room, unless on-call personnel
  • No glass bottles for safety reasons (except for bkr or other silicone wrapped bottles)
  • Try to stay in the room
  • If you feel unwell or overwhelmed please lie down until the feeling passes