video on demand

Video On Demand or VOD classes, utilize pre-recorded class content, allowing you to take the class of your choice but on YOUR schedule.

Click on the videos below to view samples of each class.

VOD class information
  • Our VOD system is currently in a test phase. Please bear with us as we make mistakes and improvements along the way. More content will be added once the test phase is complete.
  • You need a valid In-Studio or Live Stream/VOD membership or class pass in order to take advantage of our VOD classes
  • When you click on a “Take this class” link below, an email request will be sent to us. We will then forward the VOD class invite and a password to you
  • With this password, you will have access to your chosen class for up to 12 hours
  • Because we manually send the VOD class invite to you, the more notice we have the better. We can be busy teaching, running studio errands or assisting other students. So in order to insure you receive your VOD class invite in a timely fashion, please give us at least 12 hours notice. Thank you for your understanding.

VOD Barre Class 1 with Suz

VOD Barre Class 2 with Suz

VOD Barre Class 3 with Suz

VOD Barre Class 4 with Suz

VOD Barre Class 5 with Suz

VOD Barre Class 6 with Suz

Take this class link not working for you? No problem! You can contact us here instead and let us know which class you’d like to take.

Either way, have a great class!