bi-annual sale

September 25th to October 9th 2020

Things are a little bit different this time around!

If you don’t have an existing annual membership, the regular, bi-annual membership sale price is $999+GST.

If you are renewing an annual membership, the special edition, thank you covid-19, price is only $733+GST! What?

Well this takes into account the extension we gave everyone for the time we were closed at the beginning of the pandemic (83 days) plus an extra two weeks (14 days) to help people ease back into things, for a total of 97 days.

Now in order to keep things, well, in order and on schedule, in other words, the bi-annual sales at the end of September and again at the end of March, we’re knocking 97 days worth off of the regular sale price. Thanks covid-19!!

Once again, this deal within a deal, ONLY applies to existing annual members who bought their current membership at the end of September/beginning of October 2019.